Scottish building firm defies odds

Owners of a Scottish building firm defied the odds when they took on a project just as covid struck but completed it with weeks to spare.

Scorgie Construction Ltd was awarded the contract to renovate a former hostel and day care centre in Banff by Aberdeenshire Council last spring but the project was plagued with delays and uncertainty as covid measures were implemented.

Anderson House had lain empty for four years before husband and wife team Niki and Derek Scorgie set about converting the 950 sq metre space into three residential properties and gardens.

Director Niki Scorgie said: “We faced delays but we worked with the new rules as they emerged and thanks to the positive attitude of our team we delivered the project two weeks early.

“Derek had worked in the oil and gas industry on the health and safety side so with his guidance everything was implemented quickly and adhered to by the letter from taking temperatures to top-notch sanitising measures at the same time as dealing with the job in hand.”

Avoiding unnecessary travel and to keep a close eye on the £430,000 project the pair temporarily left their home in Inverkeilor, Angus, and moved into a caravan beside the site.

“We were determined not to pose any kind of potential health risk so thought it best to not to travel while keeping a close eye on the project,” said Niki.

The works on the building included new bathrooms, kitchens, windows, doors, walls, insulation and drainage.

They also provided the gas, electrical and water services and with a keen eye on their carbon footprint they gifted all the wood, paving slabs and windows from the original property to the community for repurposing.

Aberdeenshire Council will now offer the two, three and five-bedroom properties for social rent through its new build affordable housing programme.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Housing & Building Standards, Rob Simpson, said: “We are pleased to see this

former office building brought back into use as new affordable housing for social rent.

“The two, three and five-bed properties are a welcome addition to our stock of rental accommodation and

form part of our new build housing programme.

“The building fits well into what is already a residential area and we wish our new tenants all the best in their new homes.”


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