Quit yer honking

People’s Republic of China

Newsgd.com reported the honking of car horns will be banned in the city of Guangzhou.

The rule comes in to force on 1 September 2021 and will last for five years forbidding honking on every road in the city.

There are however, exceptions cited as “special occasions”.

The website lists these special occasions as –

  • When a vehicle comes close to a sharp turn or the end of an upward slope where the view is blocked.
  • When an emergency happens or when a vehicle is trying to overtake.
  • Police cars, fire engines, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles, or vehicles that are authorized to use sirens, are allowed to honk horns or use sirens on an urgent mission.

Breaking the rule carries a fine of RMB 150 – around GBP 16.

The original story was written by an intern named Ray.

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