Aberdeen planning consultancy launches new phase

Aurora Planning sets sights on space and renewable technology infrastructure.

Owners of an award-winning planning consultancy have announced a refocus of their activities with sights set firmly on emerging technology and renewables infrastructure.

Aurora Planning’s founding directors Maggie Bochel and Pippa Robertson decided on the refocus as they embark on their sixth year in business.

They launched Aurora Planning Limited in 2017 and quickly established themselves as prominent experts across Scotland.

Maggie said: “We’ve had the pleasure of working on a very diverse range of projects from securing the first planning permission for a vertical launch spaceport in the UK, to consents for home improvements which significantly improve the quality of life that the people living in those homes enjoy.

“We live and breath planning and have loved every minute of the diversity of the work we’ve been involved in, but have now decided to focus on two core sectors.”

Pippa Robertson added: “As a new wave of technology and infrastructure comes we are there along with them ensuring the future of Scotland’s sustainability infrastructure.

“It’s really exciting to be part of building new frontiers and this reflects our

commitment to ensuring that development delivers for tomorrow, as well as for today.

“At the same time, we will continue to support projects that deliver community and social benefits, including community-led development projects and charitable work.”

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