Hero fire dogs honoured

Dinner for pet dogs

New skull for gallant hound

Northern Daily Mail, Friday January 3 1908

Feisty parrot scuppers Fife thief
Burglar trapped by a parrot 
The Fife Free Press Saturday July 20 1889
#parrot #crimebustingparrot #fife #scotland #historicnews 

Mrs Ida Sheehan, a wealthy widow of Brooklyn gave an elaborate dinner party in honour of her two pet dogs who saved her life when they raised the alarm after her house was engulfed with flames. A total of 12 dogs were invited to the dinner and they sat around a low table. There decorum was excellent. The menu included several elaborate dishes. Mrs Sheehan and several of her friends waited on the dogs. One of the animal in whose honour the dinner was given has a gold plated skull. His head was crushed during the fire but an eminent New York surgeon performed a trepaning operation and afterwards inserted a gold plate.

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