“Sucking the monkey”

Fatal overdose of sherry

The Evening Telegraph and Star Thursday June 7 1894

“Sucking the monkey”
Fatal overdose of sherry

A sad case of what is known in the dock warehouse as “sucking the monkey” was yesterday brought under the notice of Mr Haden Corser, the magistrate at the Thames Police Court. Among the charges was one against Richard Barry, 29, a dock labourer, of Hungerford Street, Commercial Road, for having in his possession a tube for obtaining wine from casks at the London Docks. Inspector Newman informed the magistrate that the unfortunate man had since died. When charged at Lemon Street Police Station Barry appeared all right but afterwards showed signs of illness. Dr Clarke, assistant divisional surgeon, was immediately summoned and although every effort was made to restore the man to consciousness it was not successful. Barry had been consuming sherry and there was no doubt the excessive drinking of that brought about his sad end. Mr Haden Corser marked the sheet accordingly.

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