French woman demands damages for nipped conk

Lobster fights back after molestation 

The Western Flying Post June 8 1852

From the Police Correctional in Paris.

lobster attack
woman sues over lobster nip to nose

Damages were demanded by Madame Grebuchet for an injury to her nose by a lobster. The magistrate was called upon to hear the complaint against a shellfish dealer. Madame Grebuchet claimed 30 Francs damages for the injury caused to her nose by one of the defendant’s lobsters. She was bargaining for a lobster at the local market and picked the lobster up but threw it down again saying it was not fresh. The dealer promised that it was still alive but the customer refused to believe this and pronounced the creature dead and stinking. To make the point she sniffed it for the second time and the molested sea-dweller firmly grabbed her nose with its powerful claws and held on for dear life. She screamed for help but the dealer and fellow traders instead burst into laughter and it was some time before the nose of the lady could be released. In her defence the fishwoman maintained that she was not to blame and the mischief was solely caused by the impudence of Madame Grebuchet in applying her nose so close to the lobster’s claw when she had already told it was alive. The tribunal took the same view and the complaint was dismissed with Madame Grebuchet ordered to pay costs. 

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