Low-cut fashion advice 1891 London

The News (London) Sunday 3 January 1819

Fashions for January

The News (London) Sunday 3 January 1819

Walking Dress

A round dress of figured silk, the ground grey, with a small black leaf – the body is made particularly high round the shoulders and back but sloped low in front of the bust, it is trimmed with a puffing of grey crape, ornamented between each puff with a jet head. Short full sleeve, tastefully finished in the Spanish style with black satin slashes. The bottom of the skirt is trimmed with a deep flounce of black crape., embroidered in grey silk and the whole is finished by a broad band of bias black satin laid in full. Fichu of crape with a very full white crape ruff. Over this dress is a pelisse composed of either black or grey velvet lined with white sarsnet. 

Evening dress

A white crape round dress over a white sarsnet slip – it is cut very low all round the bust and the waist is as short as possible. A full sleeve which is likewise very short. The bottom of the skirt is ornamented with a full rouleau of white crape which stands out and is surmounted by a broad and rich trimming composed of jet beads. A white crape apron is worn with this dress – it is three-quarter-length, narrow at the top and broad towards the bottom. It is finished with rich tassels at each end and has a slight embroidery in black silk all around.

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