Wants and wanted – Sleeping partner, an easy life, rats and more rats . . .

The News (London) Sunday 3 January 1819

Classified ads from 1819. Historical classified in the papers

Wanted – the next presentation to a living where there is good hunting and fishing and no other duty required.

Wants – a lady, in the prime of her life, wishes to obtain a comfortable situation as a sleeping partner with an elderly gentleman in an established business. The utmost secrecy will be observed.

Wanted – a quantity of Royal Infallible Rat Powder. Letters addressed on his Majesty’s service, to the Secretary of the Treasur, Whitehall.

Wanted – for the Imperial Theatre, Palace Yard, an experienced Rat Catcher, who has been accustomed to catch rats alive. He must be well recommended for honesty, sobriety and zeal in the execution of his duty. Apply to George Warrender at the Admiralty Academy, Charing Cross on or before January 14.

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