Six Liechtenstein motorists lose licences last month

Results of traffic controls in April

In April, as part of traffic checks and two accidents, the state police determined that six drivers were possibly unable to drive and ordered further investigations and confiscated their driver’s licenses. In addition, speed checks were carried out in Schaanwald and Gamprin and the laser speed measuring device was used for selective traffic monitoring. 

Four men and two women between the ages of 19 and 65 were found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics/drugs. For all persons, previous alcohol consumption and, for one person, abuse of narcotics was the cause of an influence. The highest measured alcohol level was 2.63 per thousand.

The state police’s mobile radar system was set up in Schaanwald and Gamprin last month. A total of 47,879 vehicles passed the radar system. One percent of them were traveling too fast. Of the vehicles that were measured at excessive speeds, 12 percent were registered in Liechtenstein. The maximum speed of a vehicle driver was 87 instead of the permitted 50 km/h and 52 instead of the permitted 30 km/h. The laser speed device was used four times. In these measurements, a total of 17 vehicles were traveling too fast.

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