Aberdeen artist is “blown away”

By Patrick Barnham

An Aberdeen artist is celebrating as his month-long exhibition approaches its final week.

Neale Bothwell said he was “blown away” by the great response to his latest abstract exhibition at Castlegate Frames and Gallery.

Scores of people went to Graham Fowler’s tiny gallery and frame workshop on Justice Street during September and October.

“I’m really quite staggered by the numbers of people who came out to see my work and the responses from visitors has been nothing short of humbling.

“Graham has a superb space and I am so grateful for all his help, time and advice, he also framed all of my work of course.

“This isn’t just about my exhibition and indeed Graham’s shop it’s also about this sometimes-overlooked part of our city.

“Castlegate is once again an up-and-coming area and I sincerely hope the interest in the exhibition is a sign of it being revitalised and returning to its former glory as a rich and diverse focal point of the city.”

Owner of Castlegate Frames and Gallery Graham Fowler said: “I was delighted that Neale wanted to show his work at my gallery.

“I really love his use of colour and the vibrancy of his paintings really gets you thinking.

“The feedback from visitors has been so positive and I look forward to hosting more of Neale’s work in the future.”

Neale’s latest exhibition simply titled New Paintings runs until October 16 at Castlegate Frames and Gallery, Aberdeen.

Contact Neale via neale.b@outlook.com.

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