Modern-day Jean Passepartout

Kieran Smith is taking the tech out of luxury world travel

An Edinburgh entrepreneur is taking the tech out of luxury world travel by offering the kind of service aristocrats enjoyed a century ago.

Modern-day Jean Passepartout, Kieran Smith will do everything but carry the luggage, but he can arrange that too.

Kieran, 41, said: “I’ve travelled a lot and know that planning the practicalities can be frustrating with strange online booking procedures and incompatible connections, so I want to take the tech out of the travel experience as much as possible.”

After more than 20 years in the hospitality and travel industry Kieran decided to take the plunge to launch Horizonally Travel and indulge his passion for luxurious adventures while providing an uncomplicated old-world approach for his clients.

Kieran draws on his intimate knowledge of international travel destinations and hospitality but more importantly his network of contacts on the ground.

He said: “Offering a personal and good service just isn’t compatible with filling complicated online forms.

“I am fascinated by the motivations and emotional reasons for travel and it really is about having a conversation to really discover what makes the client tick and when exploring what they really want out of their bespoke travel experience.

“I can organise anything from a romantic spur-of-the-moment tour to a bespoke client-centred corporate hospitality event and everything in between.

“Then all the clients need to do is turn up at the airport or quayside and I’ll do the rest.”

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