Beard betrays murdering mistress’s secret identity

Fleetwood Chronicle Friday 17 November 1893

A great scandal was created in Copenhagen by the arrest of a directoress of a school, Mademoiselle Moeller, for the assassination of a pupil.

Now it has been discovered that Moeller is in fact a man. 

For forty years he has been able to deceive the world by reason of a mistake in the register of births of the town, but once incarcerated in prison Moeller was unable to bestow those little attentions upon his facial appearance which were necessary to keep up the deception.

In a very short time the hair began to grow profusely upon his upper lip and chin, which is now adorned by a magnificent beard. 

Upon being questioned by the magistrate Moeller admitted that he had killed the boy through dread of having his real sex made known.

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