Immigration latest highlights missed opportunity for visa reform

By Patrick Barnham The latest figures on immigration demonstrate a ‘missed opportunity’ for visa reform, that’s according to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), the trade association for the professional recruitment sector.  Tania Bowers, Global Public Policy Director at APSCo said: “While there are clearly concerns around immigration levels, we can’t overlook the fact thatContinue reading “Immigration latest highlights missed opportunity for visa reform”

Railwayman writer rediscovers manuscripts then publishes more

By Patrick Barnham A British railwayman writer rediscovered his old manuscripts, edited them 30 years later – then wrote another one. Richard Wilkins, 57, Reading, Berkshire, was full of creative spirit back in his teens but earning a living and becoming a  proud dad changed his priorities.  Dad of three Richard said: “At the ageContinue reading “Railwayman writer rediscovers manuscripts then publishes more”

Naked and natural – unveiling the history of British naturism

By Patrick Barnham Charting the nudist camps in the 1920s to Brighton’s first naked beach in the 1970s. Professor Annebella Pollen will deliver a talk on the history of social nudity from its pioneers to the present day. The event takes place on 27 July 2023 Brighton West Pier Centre Kings Road Arches Brighton BN1 2FN.Continue reading “Naked and natural – unveiling the history of British naturism”

Douglas Ross demands a skills revolution in Scotland

By Patrick Barnham Scottish Conservative Party leader Douglas Ross is calling for a skills revolution that prioritises vocational courses and training – as well as higher education – in an event this evening (May 24) with the centre-right think tank Bright Blue. Mr Ross will highlight the importance of apprenticeships and college courses, and warnContinue reading “Douglas Ross demands a skills revolution in Scotland”

Change campaigners JRF responds to food prices surge

By Patrick Barnham The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) today (May 24) said sky-high food price inflation shows the corner hasn’t been turned for struggling families. The Office for National Statistics said inflation has fallen but new JRF analysis shows that since inflation began to rise in April 2021, costs have risen by almost a fifthContinue reading “Change campaigners JRF responds to food prices surge”