I had to Czech I read this properly

A great heading from Scottish Construction Now. Nunconventional . . . Czech nuns roll up their sleeves Read the full story here

Chinese granny gangs are having their sound systems zapped

The Guardian reported: “The gangs, made up mostly of middle-aged and older women who went through the Cultural Revolution, take to a corner of a local park or sporting ground and dance in unison to Chinese music. Loud music.”

Quit yer honking

People’s Republic of China Newsgd.com reported the honking of car horns will be banned in the city of Guangzhou. The rule comes in to force on 1 September 2021 and will last for five years forbidding honking on every road in the city. There are however, exceptions cited as “special occasions”. The website lists theseContinue reading “Quit yer honking”

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