Epic release for Prog the Forest from Malcolm Galloway

By Patrick Barnham

Listen to Metazoa One here

Contemporary classical composer Malcolm Galloway has released a charity track in aid of Prog The Forest.

Malcolm describes his new piece Metazoa One as ‘instrumental contemporary classical/minimalist/electronic track with some possible hints of progressive rock’.

He said: “I’m not sure whether to call it a single as it is 15 minutes long but it is a one-track mini-release.

“It has a bit more musical drama than most of my minimalist music.

“It was inspired by the way that evolution combines interacting simple patterns to generate intricate structures, a subject that has fascinated me for many years.”

Malcolm is donating any earnings from sales of this track via Bandcamp in 2023 and 2024 to our Prog The Forest fundraising in aid of the work done by The World Land Trust to buy vulnerable forests and other habitats to preserve for the long term benefit of the wildlife, local communities, and planet as a whole. 

The track is on sale on Bandcamp for just £1. 

Listen to Metazoa One


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