Exeter cyclist in court after ride-by shooting

Serious charge against a cyclist 

The Birmingham Daily Mail Thursday May 7 1896

Exeter cyclist in court after ride-by shooting

An Exeter tradesman enjoying an ale after work didn’t expect his day would end being shot at by a gun-toting cyclist.

Charles Seaford was relaxing at the Compass Inn after a day painting houses when Albert Kenmon sauntered in wearing full cycling regalia.

Kenmon ordered and drank a beer then left without paying making his getaway on a bicycle.

The landlord called on Mr Seaford to nab the cocky thief and the painter made off in hot pursuit.

With the speed of a thoroughbred Charles sprinted after the errant cyclist but Kenmon drew a revolver concealed in his cycling costume and fired but the heroic painter nimbly dodged the bullet.

Kenmon denied the charges at Taunton Police Court and was committed to assizes.

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