Families in England and Wales: Census 2021

By Patrick Barnham

The Office for National Statistics has released data on changes in Welsh and English families from 2011 to 2021.

Change since 2011 and geography of family types: lone parent; multi-generational; same-sex couple; multi-family households; and children with a second parental address.

Main points

  • More families had only non-dependent children in 2021 (17.1%) compared with 2011 (15.8%), while fewer families had dependent children (41.5% compared with 43.0% in 2011). Of all couple families, 41.3% had no children.
  • In 2021, a higher proportion of lone parents were aged over 50 years (41.8%) than in 2011 (33.4%) and fewer lone parents were aged under 25 years in 2021 (3.6%) compared to 2011 (7.5%).
  • In 2021, over half (52.4%) of children with a second parent or guardian’s address usually lived in a single-family household that contained a female lone parent family, an increase from 44.8% in 2011.
  • A higher proportion of households were multi-generational in 2021 (2.1%) than 2011 (1.8%).

The full report can be downloaded here

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