Fearless Newfoundland saves terrier tot pal

Reported in Illustrated Weekly Telegraph 1 October 1887

His big friend

Terrier saved by big pal
Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Pexels.com

A crowd gathered on a wharf in San Francisco had an opportunity to see a dog rescue another dog from drowning and go about his work as intelligently as if he had been the trained officer of a humane society.  A small terrier fell from the stringer of the wharf into the bay. He swam around for some time in a circle and many plans were suggested for his rescue, but none of them proved practical. The little creature seemed doomed to a watery grave, for he was fast becoming exhausted. The female portion of the audience was much exercised and gave many expressions of pity. Just at the moment all hopes of saving the terrier were given up the bark of a dog in the crowd attracted attention And there appeared on the stringer in front of the wharf a large Newfoundland. He saw the little fellow in the water, and with a low wail he ran to and fro along the wharf for a moment or two, and then, to the surprise of everyone present, he sprang into the water and at once swam to the terrier. Seizing him by the neck with his teeth, and after swimming about for some time, see sighted the new sea wall extension, about a hundred yards distant, for which he headed. Upon landing his burden on terra firma, the Newfoundland gave two or three sharp barks, and seemed to be proud of what he had done. It was some time before the terrier gained strength to walk away. One of the witnesses of the strange sight, patting the Newfoundland said: “This dog is mine and I wouldn’t take 1000 Dollars for him at this moment.”

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