Life lessons launch

A former teacher is on a mission to equip young people with the life skills often glossed over by mainstream education.

Kristina Neeme created Kea Academy to help guide pupils through what can be a daunting transition to adulthood.

She said: “I’ve been working with young people for a long time and met so many who struggled with the idea of why they need to learn or what their purpose is and which path to take.

“We want to complement the education system by providing life-focused skills essential in today’s world.”

“The world is changing, new careers are emerging and the education system is not preparing them for the challenges ahead.

“At the same time there are young adults ill-equipped with the most basic skills for just being a person.

“But this can change if people are exposed to skills early on whether it’s feeding yourself for a week on a budget, what to really do at a job interview and dealing with emotions both positive and negative.

The curriculum is based on empowerment, learning, active citizenship, wellness and employability for 11 to 17-year-olds.

Kea is being launched as a summer camp offering a fast-track life skills programme delivered by experts from academics to entrepreneurs and everybody in between.

The practical activities include cooking, critical thinking, self-management, communication, money management, public speaking, empathy, wellness and active citizenship.

Director of Education4Democracy Stephen Lambert said: ‘Citizenship education whether informal or formal is key to the effective functioning of a democratic society. It’s a great to hear of more youngsters getting involved in civil society.

“There are huge challenges facing young people as they move forward in these times and it’s so important that as they move forward into the next stages of their lives they are well-equipped as possible.”

The academy will also introduce online sessions offering real life masterclasses worldwide.

Determined that everybody should benefit from learning hands-on life skills Kristina and her team is offering a scholarship scheme and is holding talks with charities to enable young people to participate whatever their circumstances.

Further information about KEA Academy is available here.

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