Near-naked damsons grapple in Scottish beach shocker

Duel in Aberdeen

Women fighting on the links

The Evening Gazette Friday May 24 1889

Duel in Aberdeen
Women fighting on the links
The evening gazette friday may 24 1889

A disgraceful scene was witnessed on the Links at Aberdeen today.

Between 2pm and 3pm two women both aged around 25 were seen walking from Constitution Street and made there way to the beach in a bellicose and inebriated mood. 

On reaching the hollow in the racecourse opposite the sun bathing establishment they at once to the astonishment of all within view commenced a regular stand-up fight. The science of the trained pugilist was at a discount but that was more than counterbalanced by the fury of the onslaught. Without waiting to clench her fists in the conventional style one of the women at once rushed on the other and seizing her by the face and hair began to drag her about in the most vicious and malignant manner. 

Appalling language

The other sometimes helpless in this position did her best to deal blows at her opponent with equal determination and no slight effect. All the time the pair gave vent to the most appalling language upbraiding eachother with the same vigour that they endeavoured to put into their blows. 

Scantily attired

By this time a considerable crowd had gathered but without taking the slightest notice of their audience the two amazons continued to belabour each other with undiminished ferocity. The little clothing they wore showed a tendency to disappear altogether from the effects of the extraordinary encounter. Ceasing occasionally from the terrible work they glared wildly at each other but it was only for an instant.

Four men

The crowd became larger and after a while several of the spectators made an effort to separate the combatants for a time however they found it quite impossible to do and it was not until the fight had continued for a further 10 minutes that the horrible spectacle was brought to a close. Even then it required four men to keep them apart and in the course of the fight the women suffered severe punishment and at the end they presented a sorry sight. A quantity of hair was torn from each of their heads while their arms were scratched and cut excessively blood flowing freely from the wounds. After a short time they proceeded back to Constitution Street.

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