Reckless cyclist slams cops’ fatal tactics

Riding furiously with his feet up and no brakes

Dover Chronicle Saturday 27 August 1892

Riding furiously with his feet up and no brakes

A young man named Stanley Filbrook, of Poplar, was summoned to Woolwich Police Court on Tuesday for riding his safety bicycle down Shooters HIll at a furious rate.

A constable said Stanley: “Descended the hill at 15 or 20 miles an hour with his feet up and no brake on.”

The constable tried to stop him by putting his rolled up cape in front of the machine and lower down the hill another constable seized the handle and threw the him off.

From the bench Mr Marsham said the expedients for stopping a cyclist seemed to be excessively dangerous.

Stanley added; “The police killed a man that way last week. And it cost £3 to repair my machine.

Mr Marsham replied: “At any rate you were the first offender and you must pay a fine of 10 Shillings.

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