Retriever plucks Blyth boy from watery grave

A Blyth dog to the rescue

Blyth News 

18 July 1896

Retriever plucks Blyth boy from watery grave
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On Friday evening a remarkable case of canine sagacity and usefulness took place near the Old Fish Quay, Blyth. It appears that a number of boys were playing on a jetty which projects some distance into the river, when a boy, who lives near Tudor’s Circus, Blyth, by some mischance fell into the water, which was over 20 feet in depth, the tide being full at the time. There was a number of persons near who raised the alarm, which attracted Mr H. Donaldson, who was accompanied by a large black retriever,  the property of Mr Maxwell, builder, Blyth.  Mr Donaldson at once signalled to the animal, which jumped into the water and swam to the boy, who was then a considerable distance from the shore. Upon the animal reaching the drowning boy A remarkable incident took place.  The lad, exhausted with struggling, was lying face downwards in the water, when the dog on taking hold of him turned him over onto his back and swam as quickly as possible ashore.  Mr Donaldson waded in as far as possible and took the boy from the sagacious animal, whose act of rescue was witnessed by a number of excited and admiring spectators. The boy was very much exhausted and vomited a quantity of water, but was speedily restored to his home and parents.

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