Shave it off says The Ulster Echo

Beards unfashionable

The Ulster Echo Thursday May 15 1890

Beards are out, says a London correspondent.

The bearded Englishman now is the man who, having grown a beard, does not know what to do with it, and so keeps it.

Or being of a cynical turn takes an honest delight in bearding fashion to its face.

On the other hand men who have never grown a beard, or who are just about to begin growing something, or who have had the courage to shave off their beards are in the full flow of fashion.

The proper thing just now is to grow a moustache as full and luxuriant as may be, the ends drooping down the side of the face in the Dundreary whisker style. The fashion is now set for the season and I may say that although moustaches are no longer waxed, moustaches are waxing longer.

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