Snake charmer and bearded lady fracas

Fighting with snakes and a frying pan lands pair in court

The Edinburgh Evening News Monday March 14, 1892

Fighting with a snakes and a frying pan lands pair in court

In Shrewsbury Police Court on Saturday bearded lady Madame Polonoski accused snakecharmer Mary Edward of assault. According to Madame Polonoski she was on the stage one night when she accidentally brushed against the dress of Mary Edwards who thereupon struck her on the head with one of her snakes. Tempers flared again later when the bearded lady saw the snake charmer cooking outside the caravan. The charmer then beat her with a frying pan. 

But charmer Mary Edwards had a different story claiming she was rehearsing her act with a chain in one hand a snake in the other and two around her neck leaving her helpless when the bearded lady struck her before grabbing one of the snakes which then wound itself tightly around her neck. The magistrate dismissed the case.

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