Snake charmer and bearded lady fracas

Fighting with snakes and a frying pan lands pair in court The Edinburgh Evening News Monday March 14, 1892 In Shrewsbury Police Court on Saturday bearded lady Madame Polonoski accused snakecharmer Mary Edward of assault. According to Madame Polonoski she was on the stage one night when she accidentally brushed against the dress of MaryContinue reading “Snake charmer and bearded lady fracas”

The monkey, the magistrate and the organ grinder

Magistrate frees monkey and organ grinder Magistrate and monkey The Beverley Recorder and General Advertiser Saturday February 2 1907 A pernickety policeman got more than he bargained for after arresting a monkey and his Italian pal. The monkey, who was not named, appeared in the dock at the South Western London Police Court along withContinue reading “The monkey, the magistrate and the organ grinder”

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