The throbbing waffle

By Patrick Barnham

Veteran broadcaster and media networking guru Steve Blacknell is celebrating with a stiff one after his Waffle Club’s members swelled to more than 2000 members.

Formed nearly 20 years ago by Steve who would meet up with his media mates and they’d all share their contacts and help each other find work.

Over the years it grew into a pirate crew of national treasures from across the television, film, music and all the other creative industries in between.


Steve said: “It’s a media networking event that meets every month in a private room in Covent Garden – where people from all ends of the media spectrum meet, eat, drink and exchange information with the accent on trust, fun and to get each other work.”

It’s always an informal affair and Mr B introduces everyone to everybody and runs it all with a rod of rubber. 

Steve added: “It’s better to network than not work.

“We all look forward to meeting you.”

Mr B can be found at or via Facebook.

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  1. Proper fab and bang on article about a proper fab and bang on club which has the proper fab , bang on ‘n’ proper funny Cap’n Steve Blacknell at its hilarious helm 🙃🐼💋

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