Vaccine refusal lands surgeon in court

The Alnwick Mercury Saturday July 3 1869

A surgeon fined for not vaccinating his child

Mr Allan Borman, surgeon, appeared at Derby Police Court for neglecting to have his infant child vaccinated.

Mr Pratt, magistrate’s clerk as Mr Borman if he pleaded guilty to the charge.

Mr Borman: “I have done no wrong. I will answer any question put to me, but I have no reparation to make and I plead not guilty.

“I did not vaccinate and I do not mean to do so. I have been in practice as a surgeon for 35 years and have lived to see the evil of it. It is founded upon evil, the extent of which you cannot imagine. If I vaccinate my children it violates my parental authority. I have seen children die through the public officers vaccination.

The Vaccination Act 1867 was read to Mr Borman.

He replied: “It is not an act of parliament, it has never been discussed in the House of Commons. It is a Privy Council affair. A great number of the deaths of children are entirely through vaccination and I declare they are murdered by the system now adopted. My child is well and so are all my children and you will not compel me to poison my child.

The court found the case proven.

The Mayor said: “With every respect for your opinion, Mr Borman, the bench has nothing to do but to carry out the law. You must pay a fine of 1s and costs.

Mr Longdon, magistrate, said: “Individually I sympathise with Mr Borman and I do think it a great hardship but as magistrates we must carry out the law.”

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