“Very satisfied!” say six out of ten LIEmobil passengers

By Patrick Barnham

The passengers confirm the high quality of public transport in Liechtenstein in the most recent customer satisfaction survey by LIEmobil. Overall, 62 percent are very satisfied with the services provided by LIEmobil. Only 4 percent are very dissatisfied. There is less satisfaction with punctuality.

The high level of passenger satisfaction in the spring wave of the customer survey confirms the results of the previous year. “The good grades from our customers strengthen us in our work and spur us on,” says communications manager and member of the management board Sigvard Wohlwend from LIEmobil. Among the participants in the survey, which takes place twice a year, 78 percent were annual ticket holders. “So we were mostly rated by real public transport professionals. These are known to be the most critical customers. We are all the happier about your vote,” says Wohlwend.

Passengers feel very safe on the buses

67 percent of those surveyed stated that they use the LIEmobil buses several times a week on their way to work or school. Those surveyed use the bus less intensively for leisure and shopping: 35 percent use LIEmobil several times a week outside of working hours, and 48 percent 2 to 3 times a month.

The LIEmobil customers surveyed have a good feeling when they are on board the LIEmobil buses: 76 percent stated in the survey that they felt very safe. “It is very important that the passengers feel comfortable in the buses,” says Sigvard Wohlwend, which is the only way customers will become regular customers.

Punctuality weakness (due to traffic jams)

The public transport users surveyed were significantly less satisfied when it came to connections and punctuality: 14 percent are very dissatisfied, and 48 percent are still very satisfied. “Here we get worse grades because the bus gets stuck in traffic, especially in the evenings; the bus timetable becomes obsolete. What is annoying is that LIEmobil only has limited options for sustainably optimizing punctuality during peak traffic times.»

“We are surprised that only 59 percent of those surveyed rated the price-performance ratio of LIEmobil as very good. Because compared to Switzerland, we offer unbeatably cheap subscriptions,” Wohlwend continues. Adults get the annual subscription for just 370 francs; up to 25 and from 65 years it costs only 280 francs. And many municipalities as well as various employers in Liechtenstein pay their residents resp. Half of the annual subscription for employees!

The so-called Net Promoter Score question (NPS) “Would you recommend LIEmobil to someone else?” is also part of the survey. On the NPS scale from -100 to +100, LIEmobil stands at +36. Positive results are considered good, values ​​over 30 as very good, over 70 as excellent.

The survey institute LINK carries out the online survey of customers on behalf of LIEmobil. The online surveys have been taking place since 2022. Before that, the passengers were interviewed personally by interviewers. With the change, the catalog of questions was also adjusted. A long-term comparison is therefore not possible.

The spring wave of the survey took place between March 13th and 26th. 256 people took part. The next survey will take place in October.




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