Wherefore art thou Romeos?

High-flying Scottish women are ditching dating apps and outsourcing their search for love.

And now Scotland’s only matchmaker is working flat-out to find more male executives to keep up with demand.

Match Made in Scotland founder Laura Smyth said: “I know there are just as many men out there looking for a partner but they seem to be slower in coming forward.

“My male clients tell me about their friends having the same struggles with dating apps but some are reluctant to tell their friends about my service as they want to be discreet.

“Women on the other hand are very happy to tell their friends that they are using the service and therefore word gets around women quicker.”

Right now the Laura’s membership is 65% women and 35% men.

Laura added: “The figures are very different when it comes to apps though. The ratio of men to women is 9:1 and the average male user only matches with 0.6% of the women he swipes right on. But women, on average, will match with 10% of the men they pick on the app.

“It could be that men don’t tell others they are outsourcing their search, but it’s quite simply a service for people who are too busy to find somebody in a more traditional way.”

Psychology lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen David Smith said dating goals might explain why more men than women favour dating apps.

He said: “Generally speaking, women are more likely to date with the aim of finding a partner, whereas for some men it tends to be more about initiating short term relationships which may go further – though of course, this is just average use we’re talking about here and there are big individual differences.

“With dating apps, the gender ratio is heavily skewed towards men, with some surveys suggesting they make up three quarters of the user base on leading apps – including more women-friendly ones like Bumble.

“Bringing in a matchmaker may be a better way to find someone who wants what they want and will be able to meet them on a common basis and potentially reduce hundreds of guys to just a few select candidates.”

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